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  • Standard Inspections--A standard home inspection is what most clients request for real estate transaction. This is a visiual inspection of all the working components of the home with a highly detailed report that includes photos and some recommendations. For a complete list of all the components that are checked go here.

  • Bundle Inspections--We understood some time ago that value and convenience were next on the list next to quality so we took the time to assemble other professionals that perform other inspections that are needed during your real estate transaction. The most popular being a bundled package that includes a termite inspection and free roof report. We can also include pool, chimney and mold inspections as well. All conveniently scheduled by us and paid for with one easy payment.

  • Termite Reports--If the home you are purchasing is older then 5 years then you should include a termite inspection along with your standard home inspection. As part of our bundled package we do all the scheduling so you don't have to. All your reports will be contained on your personal web page where you can access your reports on line for years to come. We work exclusively with termite inspectors that have been carefully picked for their care and professionalism

  • Roof Reports--We include roof reports from a licensed roof inspector with all of our home inspections free of charge. Just ask us to include it in your inspection and we will take care of the rest. 2 years roof certifications are available for an additional charge.

  • Multi Family Units--Duplexes, triplexes and apartment complexes can be tricky business. We have the experience to perform these inspections in a timely manner and to articulate the details of our findings in a way that you can comprehend. we handle all the scheduling and tenant issues that arise and work hard to accommodate all those involved in the process.

  • Pool Inspections--If the home you are purchasing has a pool it is a good idea to know the condition. Pools can be costly and you should be prepared for the cost related to upkeep and repairs. Just like our termite inspections, this is an add on inspection performed by a reputable company that we have hand selected to insure you are taken care of.. Just select the pool check box when ordering or call us for more details.

  • Thermal Imaging--Home inspection services has invested in thermal imaging equipment to insure you are receiving the most thorough home inspection possible. For an additional fee will can do scans of your entire home and point out areas where your home may have deficiencies. This tool can also be used to detect moisture problems and we provide isolated diagnostic testing upon request. Go to the thermal imaging page for more details on this specialty service.

  • Recall Chek--RecallChek is the first consumer appliance recall reporting system ever created, and is available to you now. We simply take down the model numbers from all of the major appliances in your home, including, but not limited to, HVAC equipment, water heaters, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and dryers. You may also include garbage disposals, exhaust fans, and smoke detectors. Serial numbers are optional, but are encouraged to be submitted as well. Within 2 business days of submitting your appliances, you will receive a detailed report summarizing our findings.

  • Mobile Home Inspection--Mobile home inspections are much like are standard home inspections. They also include the assessment of the components that are inspected by the state during the five hear health and safety inspections performed in most mobile home parks. Some park mangers require that mobile home inspections be performed when the title of the unit is being transferred or when it is moved into the park. We can perform these inspections for you.

  • Modular Homes--A modular home inspection is identical to a standard home inspection in most cases. In some cases we also do foundation certifications that are required for FHA/HUD requirements.

  • Condominium Inspections--Condominium inspections are a standard home inspection that generally does not include the roof or exterior. Most condos do not have garages and are priced slightly lower then a home inspection for this reason. we do take the time to identify the utilities and answer some of the questions such as shared plumbing and common areas.

  • Rental Walkthroughs--If you are in the process of  signing a lease agreement then we can help. we will walk through and document any defects that exist so when its time to move out you can receive your deposit back with no conflicts. We can also help you understand rental law so you know what is your responsibility and what the landlord is obligated to provide.
  • Possession Turnover Inspections--If you are in the processing of receiving the keys to a brand new home then dont do it with contacting us first. For a low fee we will walk through the entire structure and perform a comprehensive inspection for you to turn over to your builder. Not only that but we will return in 11 months and do another inspection so you can have any repairs made before you home warranty runs out.

  • Home Warranty Inspections--A home warranty is just that. If you have purchased a new home then you are entitled to have it free from defects for the first year. We review the condition of your home, noting any defects. We then put it in a report format so you can contact the builder for repairs. 

  • New Construction Inspections--If you are considering building a new home then we want to join you for the experience. For a nominal fee we will inspect your new home at intervals starting from the foundation to the one year warranty. We can also provide expert opinions and mediation between you and the builder should conflicts arise. With over twenty years of residential construction experience we know what has to happen to make a project run smoothly so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

  • Indoor Air Quality/Mold--Certified through the International Association of Indoor Air Consultants, Home Inspection Services has the equipment necessary to test for mold and indoor air irritants. Testing can be helpful in determining what the quality of air is and alleviating common types of allergies. For complete details on testing go to our air quality page by going here.

  • Foundation Certifications--Some FHA/HUD financing requires the foundation to be certified by a engineer on record as a condition of funding. We have established ourselves with a firm that underwrites our inspections so this inspection can be performed without you having to shop around. We handle the paperwork and dealing with the lender so you don't have to.